Sylvia is an award-winning teacher from Toronto, Canada, with more than 30 years teaching experience in the classroom. She is an Edtech consultant and sketchnoting evangelist on a constant quest to find ways for teachers and students to “Connect, Collaborate and Create”. She is a Google Certified Innovator, Google Certified Trainer, Apple Distinguished Educator, and author of the books “Sketchnotes for Educators” and “How to Sketchnote: A Step-by-Step Manual for Teachers and Students”. You can find her resources at sylviaduckworth.com and her store at sylviaduckworth.shop.

Hello everyone! I love interacting with other educators, so please click on the links above to connect with me on social media or you can email me at: sduckworth100@gmail.com


I’m super excited about the new edition of “How to Sketchnote” which you can order from Amazon.  To learn more about it, please visit bit.ly/SylBook2

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Photo credits: maophoto.ca

ISTE Ignite

ISTE Ignite, San Antonio, Texas, July 2017

Photo credit: Bill Selak


Thrilled to have been invited to the first all-Canadian Apple Distinguished Educator Academy in Toronto, July 2017!

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  1. Hi Sylvia, may I have permission to use your image “10 Things Teachers Want for Professional Development” in a TESOL International Course? I would include your name and a link to this page.


  2. Dear Sylvia
    I found your infografic ‘Levels of listening’ on Twitter – may I use use that for my teaching for the charity Understanding Dementia? It’s very important in dementia care. Mo st people assume that the person with dementia is unlikely to have anything useful to say, but that misses the point, as well as usually being untrue.


  3. Dear Sylvia: I am presenting a workshop on CRT in Family Engagement at the IEL Conference in June. I would love to make your recent CRT sketchnote available for participants. Of course, full credit and website would be included. Would this is be acceptable to you? Many thanks for considering this request.


  4. Hi, I LOVE your wheel of Power/Privilege and I’m wanting to use it for a blog at work. To make it accessible, I wondered if you had a written description we could use, so that those who use screen readers could understand what it’s about? It would really help. Thank you.


  5. Sylvia, our paths have crossed many times. The most recent was Ken Shelton’s workshop on equity. My partner, Jamie Saponaro and I have a podcast and would love to have you as a guest to discuss sketchnoting and how you are using it as a tool for good! https://www.classlink.com/resources/linkedup This is our site and you can see the many guests we have had. If you would be interested in being a guest, please email me at the address I left here. Thank you for the good work you are doing!
    Jerri Kemble- from Kansas


  6. Hello, I’m writing from the Alberta Teachers’ Association with a permission request. We would like to request permission to use your graphic of the wheel of Power/Privilege in an article that discusses how teachers can address the tragedy of residential schools. This article will appear as part of an academic journal that we publish for religion teachers across Alberta. The journal is free to our members and is printed and distributed to about 300 teachers provincewide. I’m asking for your permission to reprint this graphic on behalf of the author of the article, Angela Houle, who found this graphic on the Canadian Council for Refugees website. Thank you.
    Sandra Bit, Alberta Teachers’ Association, Edmonton Alberta


  7. Hi Sylvia,

    I am writing to see if we can have permission to use the spin the wheel of power and privilege graphic in our learning modules on health authority. The modules are being created in collaboration by Northern Health and our local University of Northern British Columbia. The modules will be offered online fore free, with a capacity of 500 students and students will need to sign in to access this course.

    Thank you,


  8. Hi Sylvia, I hope this message finds you and yours healthy and well. I’m currently working on a learning module on how to be an authentic ally. This work is being done in collaboration with the Indigenous Initiatives and Partnership Team at BCIT, a post-secondary institution in Burnaby, BC. I am writing to ask for permission to use your wheel of power/privilege illustration in this module. When the module is ready, it will be available online for free to anyone. It is designed to work in partnership with these other modules: https://www.bcit.ca/indigenous-initiatives/resources/indigenous-modules/
    Thank you for considering my request.


  9. Hello, Ms. Duckworth, I hope you are well. I am a Pro Bono Program Attorney with the Practising Law Institute, a nonprofit continuing legal education organization in San Francisco, California. I am developing a legal education program titled, Racial Justice in Education and the Chair of the program would like to include your Wheel of Power/Privilege chart in the course materials to be distributed to attendees. I am requesting permission to share this great resource with our Live Webcast attendees as well as the viewers of the On-Demand webcast that is posted after the program. The program will be held next week, 11/17/2021. I am happy to provide any credit/attribution language you may require and I greatly appreciate your consideration of this request.

    Thank you!


  10. Hello Sylvia,
    Please may I recommend to other teachers and use your illustration of ‘attitude’ including the train for ‘rate of success’ with my tutees?


  11. Hi Sylvia, I hope this message finds you and hope you are well. I am teacher educator/trainer in a further education college in the UK. I’m currently writing an article about intersectionality for FEWeek, an online education news for further education staff in the UK. The website is https://feweek.co.uk/ I am writing to ask for permission to use your wheel of power/privilege illustration in this article and will cite the origin of work.
    Thank you for considering my request.
    Joyce Chen


  12. Hi Sylvia,

    I would love to reference your Wheel of Power / Privilege but cannot find a date. Can you advise please? Thank you in advance!


  13. Hi Sylvia,
    I am currently writing a book about anti-oppressive literacy education and would love to use your Wheel of Power and Privilege in my chapter about the interconnectedness of literacy and identity. I would of course be happy to compensate you for permission to use this. (It has been so helpful in my work with educators around equity and justice!) What are your thoughts? Please feel free to email me if that is easier for you: shawnacoppola@gmail.com. Thank you in advance for your consideration!


  14. Dear Sylvia,
    I am preparing a presentation on platform workers for an international academic conference and we’re using intersectionality as a concept. I’d love to use your imagine refering to and explaining intersectionality, also using a quote by Kimberlé Crenshaw. Would it be ok if I use this, referring to your name, of course? Thanks so much for your work!


  15. I appreciate your innovative sketches! May I have your permission to use your Wheel of Power sketch with full attribution for a presentation in Ohio about intersectional identities and substance use disorders? Thank you for your consideration.


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