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Hello/Bonjour! I am an avid sketchnoter, AIM French teacher and Tech Coach, Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, Apple Teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator with more than 30 years of teaching experience in the public and independent school systems. I love interacting with other educators, so please click on the links above to connect with me on social media or you can email me at: sduckworth100@gmail.com


Toronto, Canada


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Photo credits: maophoto.ca

ISTE Ignite

ISTE Ignite, San Antonio, Texas, July 2017

Photo credit: Bill Selak


Thrilled to have been invited to the first all-Canadian Apple Distinguished Educator Academy in Toronto, July 2017!

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    • Sylvia, I refer to your Iceberg illusion illustration in an orientation for students to develop their persistence. Could I get written permission from you? My institution requires it:-) Tidewater Community College, Norfolk Virginia

    • Hi there! I, too, would like to use your SAMR model sketch for an article I am hoping to publish. I will ensure that your name remains intact and will give you credit for the sketch. Thank you!

  1. I love your notes! I see you are Canadian too and you work at Crescent school! When did you get started with the notes..who did you study with! I’m from ashbury college in Ottawa!

  2. I LOVE your sketches! They inspire me to try it for myself. What model of iPad are you currently using? (I also asked this question on Facebook). Keep sharing your learning through your sketches. Tjey meet me at my learning style and I want to share that with others. 👍🏼

  3. Hi Sylvia,
    May I please have permission to use a copy of an image that was tweeted by the TRBA of 10 Reasons Why Every Teacher Needs a PLN? It is not for commercial reasons and your name, as signed in the bottom right corner will remain evident. Thank you for your consideration. JoAnn Dixon

      • My Name is Rozana and I am a student in the Master of Teaching program at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto (OISE/UT). A component of this degree program involves conducting a small-scale qualitative research study. My research will focus on teachers’ perspectives and strategies on retaining students in Core French programs beyond grade 9. I am interested in interviewing teachers who have demonstrated a commitment to retaining students’ interest in French language learning, and who have a minimum of 3 year of experience teaching core French. Because I think that your knowledge and experience will provide insights into this topic, would you agree to be interviewed by me through answering a set of questions pertaining to your professional background and practices?

        Please let me know if that’s okay with you so we could arrange for a time that works best for you.

        Thank you

  4. Hi Ms. Duckworth,

    Thank you for providing so many useful sketchnotes for educators. I would like to use several (8 Things to Look for in Today’s Classroom, Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset, 6 Golden Rules for Engaging Students, and 12 Benefits of Creativity) in a presentation and booklet on Sketchnotes for educators in the Jurupa Unified School District at our Tech Fest. May I please have your permission to reproduce these images? There is no fee for attending.

    Ms. Celina N. Collins
    JUSD Instructional Coach at the Secondary Level

  5. Hi Sylvia. It’s Susan Marshall steele from NS. We met in Ottawa at the PM awards. I was at a GAFE for physical education seminar and your name came up as one of the top people in the world to follow. I thought that was awesome! And then last week I was looking for growth mindset stuff and found your illustration. You are everywhere! Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and congratulate you on all of your success. Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Susan, nice to hear from you! That’s funny that you saw one of my drawings: I’m certainly honoured that my name came up as being someone worth following. Just trying to do what I can to make this world a better place. I’m sure that you are influencing a lot of teachers, too!

  6. Hi Sylvia, I would like to get permission to use your “10 Reasons” image. Our school division is hosting a summit on March 24th & 25th and I would like to use it for our webpage and print some posters with it.

  7. I’m using your sketch notes (credited to you!!) on my school intranet. They are AWESOME tools for inspiring culture shift; We are also incorporating so many of the topics you’ve sketched about (growth mindset, innovation, student inquiry, computer science, making, etc.) seeing your comments above it looks like this is ok with you … THANK YOU!!!

  8. Hi Sylvia! About 2 weeks ago I’ve created an education project (I’m psychologist), for students. I’m portuguese, do You have something in portuguese language?
    I love your cartoons!
    Thank you

  9. Hi Sylvia I help write blogs on a non profit blog. It’s about cards believe it or not. And about how dedication and other things like it are so important in learning how to be successful. So when I saw your Iceberg blog the other day it struck a real chord and I wrote a blog around it. If I keep your copyright credit and assure you that it is not for commercial purposes could I include a picture of it in my blog? Thanks a lot. I look forward to seeing more of your sketches.

  10. Hi Sylvia
    I love your work. I am wondering though if you can send me the original document for my March Newsletter. It is the “IDEAS for INQUIRY BASED LEARNING” sketchnote. We try to copy it from twitter and it doesn’t copy very well.
    Could you email it to me at cdefehr@sd73.bc.ca
    It is just so small the one from the internet, no one can read it when it is photocopied. We need it to be a bit larger.
    I would be so grateful.
    Carol DeFehr (Principal)

  11. Hi Sylvia. I love, love, love your blogs, sketchnotes, etc. I am the President of our Manitoba Association of Teachers of French. I wonder if you might consider coming to Manitoba to present at a conference? Our annual province-wide PD Day is Oct. 20, 2017. Would you consider presenting at this day for us? If so, what is your fee? Thnk you for your consideration.

  12. Hi there, thanks for the inspiration. I have an interview presentation on Monday with no ICT, so I thought I would create a sketch note about my vision. At the moment is is more of a mind map. Any hints on how to turn it into something even a fraction as stunning as your sketch notes?

  13. Hi Sylvia,
    May I please have permission to use a copy of your sketch about inquiry based learning?
    This is not for commercial purposes, but for my students’ mind shift.
    I show your copyright name.
    Thank you for your consideration.
    Hiro from Japan

  14. Hi Sylvia,
    is there any opportunity to purchase your wonderful and inspiring sketches in a poster format for my daughter’s classroom? (She is going to be a first year teacher in September)
    Eileen from NJ

  15. wow i cannot believe how awesome your resources especially for us teachers in developing countries . thanks a lot merci mille fois!! i am a french teacher working in zimbabwe and this stuff has just blown me away. incredibly grateful

  16. Hello,
    Could I have your permission to use your info-graphic of “10 Reasons to Use Breakout EDU”? I will be using it in professional Development material for teachers and will not alter the image. Your information will remain on it.

    Thank you,
    Terri Brines

  17. Hi Sylvia
    Thank you for continuing to produce such inspirational graphics that summarise their content brilliantly. I am a maths & science teacher and head of department in South Australia. However, I am currently taking two years leave without pay from teaching and working to produce professional learning for teachers. I am presenting a workshop at a major maths educators conference on Thursday 13 July about professional learning. I am writing to ask your permission to hand out a hard copy of your graphic, 10 things teachers want for professional development, complete with your twitter handle on it, to each participant at my workshop as I think it is absolutely spot-on and I can’t do any better.
    Best wishes

  18. Hi Sylvia,

    I love your Continuum of Choice graphic. I’m doing some PD with teachers revolving around student voice/choice. I’d like to give them examples/projects that have been successful for each of the different phases on the continuum. Do you happen to have student examples/projects for co-designer & advocate that I could share with my staff?


  19. Hello, Sylvia! I am such a fan of your work! I am working with a group of teachers and we’re talking about the importance of studentteacher relationships. I would love to use your sketch-note summarizing Rita Pierson’s TEDtalk as a visual on one of my slides. I will certainly credit your work and share your twitter information and website. Is that acceptable?

  20. I work for the eMINTS National Center and we love your sketchnotes. Would it be possible for me to use your info-graphic of “10 Reasons to Use Breakout EDU”? I will be using it in professional Development material for teachers and will not alter the image. Your information will remain on it. Here is our website if you would like more information about us. – http://emints.org/

    Thank you,
    Terri Brines

  21. Bonjour
    J’aimerais communiquer avec vous pour une possibilitĂ© de confĂ©rence pour notre conseil scolaire. Quelle est la meilleure façon de communiquer avec vous afin que je puisse vous fournir les dĂ©tails

  22. sylvia not only am i interested in your workshops, i am desperate for your hekp tracking down 1 or both of these things: 1) a juli powers cd (mins has disappeared) and /or 2) can you please make a pp/video of la chanson “u” . it is so great, i have activities for it, but no cd now, nothing on internet and no way thati know of to contact her.
    please help!

  23. Hello Sylvia, May I please use your SAMR Model for Technology Integration image for a Professional Development presentation I am giving for the American Association of School Librarians Conference in November? I will not alter the image and will be sure to give you credit. Thank you so much!

  24. Hi Sylvia, an idea – you have a lot of people asking you for permission to use your images, why don’t you creative commons licence them? I’m sure you know this, but if you upload with CC licence to flickr for example, they’ll turn up as CC safe in a google search. Just a thought! Thanks for your good work 🙂

  25. Can I present your Iceberg illusion illustration to my students on a Facebook page? MĂ©lanie Arsenault, technologie de l’architecture du CĂ©gep de Rimouski

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