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Below are some of the presentations I created for various conferences and workshops. Feel free to use them but please keep my name on them.

  1. GSuite Basics
  2. Making Comics with Bitmoji and Google Slides
  3. Getting Creative with GSuite Apps
  4. Sketchnoting
  5. Creating Interactive 360° Stories with Google Sites and Google Street View
  6. iMovie for iPad for Beginners
  7. Our Favourite Apps for Digital Storytelling
  8. Do you Bitmoji?
  9. Creating Choose-your-own-adventure Stories with Google Slides
  10. Seesaw digital portfolios and blogs
  11. Screencastify tutorial
  12. WeVideo tutorial
  13. Adobe Spark Video Tutorial
  14. Breakout EDU Digital
  15. Adobe Illustrator Draw tutorial
  16. Google Cardboard and Virtual Reality
  17. Google Expeditions
  18. How to Create 360° images with Google Street View App
  19. How to Use the Ricoh Theta 360° Camera
  20. How to Livestream 360° Video with the Ricoh Theta Camera
  21. How to Build a PLN
  22. Getting Started with Twitter and Tweetdeck
  23. GSuite for Beginners
  24. The New Google Forms for Beginners
  25. Using GAFE to Create Interactive Stories
  26. Google Hangouts in the Classroom
  27. Getting Creative with Google Drawings
  28. Remind App Tutorial
  29. 25 of my Favourite Googly Things
  30. Social Media Explained
  31. How to Use Twitter in Schools
  32. Great Add-ons
  33. How to Create a 360 Thinglink
  34. How to create a Storysphere
  35. Sketchnoting and Seesaw

For FSL Teachers:

  1. Digital Storytelling with Cloud-based Tools
  2. iPads in the FSL Class
  3. GSuite in the FSL Class
  4. Collaborative Story Retelling with GAFE
  5. Technology in the FSL Class
  6. Dear Foreign Language Teacher
  7. AIM and iPads
  8. AIM and Technology featuring GSuite Tools