Below are workshops descriptions that I have run in the past. Please contact me to set up a personalized workshop for your teachers.

Full/half day Sketchnoting workshop

Sketchnoting, or visual note-taking, is gaining widespread popularity as an effective and engaging way to take notes and to display student learning. Participants will learn how to establish a doodling culture in class with various fun and scaffolded drawing activities throughout the session. They will also learn about the elements of sketchnoting and how to get over the “But I’m not an artist!” mentality. This is a hands-on session, so come prepared to draw! Click here for a sample agenda and testimonials.

Full/half day sessions for FSL Teachers:

1) Using Social Media in the FSL Class and for Teacher Professional Development

Learn how to use Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to make international connections with other educators and classes around the world. Sylvia will demonstrate how these connections allow teachers and students to interact on social media with each other and to collaborate on projects together. She will provide step-by-step handouts on how to create social media accounts, including curating videos on your own YouTube Channel, and how to use Tweetdeck to organize your Twitter feed. She will also showcase her grade 5 Core French students’ blogs and explain how to use Remind to send parents and students notifications on their smartphones.

2) Web 2.0 tools: Digital storytelling and other gems

Sylvia will show you many free, online sites for your students to make digital stories in the target language. She will also showcase some of her grade 5 Core French students’ projects. Featured websites include: Adobe Spark Video, Flipsnack, Storybird, Powtoon, Incredibox and others. In addition, Sylvia will provide many internet links that your students can use to practice their French, including vocabulary game sites and interactive eBooks for reading. Sylvia will also provide links to dozens of pre-made slide decks and SMARTboard activities that you can use right away in your FSL class.

3) Using iPads in the FSL Class

Sylvia will highlight some of her favourite iPad apps in her Junior Core French classes. Apps for consumption (ie. to learn and practice vocabulary) will be explored, as well as apps for creating voice recordings, digital stories, fun animations, iMovie projects/trailers and stop-motion videos. Participants will be shown how to use a greenscreen to replace backgrounds in videos and how to create original songs and raps with GarageBand to use in video projects. Throughout the session, Sylvia will showcase her students’ numerous iPad projects with these tools. Come and get your geek on and inspire your students to get creative with their iPads!

4) Using Google Apps for Education (GSuite) in the FSL Class

Harness the power of Google Apps for Education in your FSL classroom. After an overview of Google Drive, Docs, Presentations, Forms, Sheets, and Drawings, Sylvia will show you how you and your students can collaborate and get creative using these apps. She will showcase her students projects which include creating digital stories with music and voice and “Choisis ton adventure” stories, as well as how to create original raps and music with different Google apps. We will take a look at using Google Hangouts (videoconferencing) for virtual field trips, interviewing guests, and doing “Hangouts Mystères” where two classes try to guess each others’ location by asking questions in French. We will also look at some Google Drive Add-ons, Chrome Apps and Extensions to automate and simplify your life.

1 – 2 hour sessions (for all teachers)

  1. Getting Creative with GSuite Tools

Sylvia will give you some ideas on how you and your students can get creative with Google tools. Learn how to create animations, video cards, digital stories, “Choose-your-own-Adventure” stories, raps, photo albums and flipbooks, interactive videos, games and more. So much is possible with GAFE!

  1. My favourite Googly Things A to Z

In this fast-paced session, Sylvia will show you some of her favourite Google tools, tips and tricks from A to Z. Hang onto your hats because you are in for quite the ride!

  1. Sketchnoting

Learn how you and your students can take visual notes during class, meetings and conferences with an iPad, tablet, or pen and paper. Sylvia will walk you through the basic elements of sketchnoting such as structure, elements, fonts, drawing people and faces, animals, icons, banners, shading and stylus selection. It’s never too late to rediscover your love of drawing! 

  1. Creating Collaborative Comics with Bitmojis and Google Slides and Drawings

Discover how much fun it is creating cartoon strips with your own Bitmoji avatar and Google Slides and Drawings. Even more fun: With the power of Google docs, invite a friend or two to add their own avatars to your comic strip and work collaboratively on a story together! Click here for an example.

  1. Video production with Google Slides and WeVideo

WeVideo is a cloud-based video-editing site for all devices. Learn how you and your students can create professional-looking videos by uploading Google Slides to WeVideo, adding a voiceover, music, and slick graphics, then upload to YouTube. Click here for an example.

  1. Collaborative Choose-Your-Own-Adventure stories with Google Slides

Participants will learn how to use a Google doc to plan a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure outline, then they will use the “Link to slide” feature in Google Slides to create an interactive story. To double the fun, we will learn how to work on an interactive story collaboratively with a friend! Click here for an example.

  1. 360° Storytelling and Virtual Reality

Learn how to create 360° stories with the Google Street View app and Embed hotspots and voiceovers for a complete interactive experience, then view your story in Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard. You have to see this to believe it!  You will need a laptop and a mobile device with the Google Street View app. (Click here for an example.)

  1. Digital portfolios and blogging with Seesaw

Seesaw is a free, web-based, multi-device, digital portfolio and blogging platform that is designed for students from K – 8. Students can upload files, videos, photos, text, URLs and drawings, and then share them with their teacher, classmates and parents, while learning about the importance of digital citizenship. Come and find out why teachers around the world are falling in love with Seesaw!

  1. BOEdu Digital

Come try the digital version of the hit game Breakout EDU where players looks for clues to solve a number of puzzles. In this session we will play in teams to see who can best work collaboratively to be the first team to break out. We will also learn how to create our own Breakout EDU Digital games.

  1. Creating Digital Stories with Adobe Spark Video is a free website that allows students to create stories/slideshows/videos with text, voice and music in minutes. Finished videos can be edited at any time as they are stored in the cloud, and they can also be uploaded to YouTube for sharing. The platform is so easy that students in the younger grades can use it, yet sophisticated enough to appeal to older students as well. Come and see what you can create!

  1. How to Build a PLN

Are you new to the idea of using social media for professional development? Sylvia will get you started on a journey that will help you make international connections while growing your expertise in all areas of education. We will look at Twitter, G+ and Facebook. Please create a Twitter account prior to the session.

12. How to Create Interactive Stories with 360° images Using Google Street View and Google Sites

Imagine reading a story with 360° images that you can click on and look around, to give you the sense of “Stepping into” the scene. In this session, Sylvia will share a hack (thx Donnie Piercey!) to embed 360° images into a Google Site to create stories that your students will never forget. You can create your own 360° images with the Google Street View app, or use 360° images already in Google maps. The session will be dedicated to you building your story, so get that creative hat on! To see an example, please visit: (created by one of Donnie’s grade 5 students).

13. How to Win a Demo Slam

A Demo Slam is a high-energy, quick-paced competition where presenters have three minutes each to demonstrate something techy in front of the crowd who will vote for a winner. If you have seen a live Demo Slam and want to participate but perhaps lack the courage or inspiration, this session is for you! Sylvia will share some of her crown-winning tips and tricks then participants will share ideas and work on their own Demo Slams. Time permitting, we will have a mock Demo Slam competition at the end of the session.

14. Tips and Tricks for Apple Clips

Find out why “Clips” (a new, free iOS app to make multimedia videos) is so much better than iMovie. During this session, you will learn how to import images and videos, then add special effects like filters, labels, stickers, and even emojis. There are cool animated graphics and transitions and a special voice-to-text feature that turns into a rolling scroll on your screen. You can add your own music, or choose from 70 different free soundtracks in the app. Come and discover the magic of Clips so you and your students can create fun, engaging, and memorable videos like never before!