keynote sharing

(Photo courtesy Rome Lavrencic, BCATML conference Oct. 19, 2018)

1. Why Creativity Matters

There has been a big push on the importance of creativity in education recently. What are the benefits of creativity in language education and on a personal level? How do we encourage creativity amongst our students and foster our own creative endeavours? Sylvia will consider these questions as she reflects on the importance of creativity in our professional and personal lives. Be ready to step out of your comfort zone during this fun and interactive talk as Sylvia takes you through a number of activities to get those creative ideas flowing, ideas that you can easily bring back into your classroom.

2. How to Survive (and Thrive) in the Digital Age of Education

The educational landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years due to technology. How do we remain relevant to our students in this new world? How do we manage the paradigm shift from teachers as content providers to learning facilitators? What are some tips for keeping up with technology? These are a few essential questions that Sylvia will explore during this talk.

3. The Talent Myth

Are we born with natural talent or can we develop skills with determination and hard work? What are the implications of the nurture vs nature argument in education? How do we encourage a growth mindset amongst ourselves and our students? How can we help our students discover their hidden talents? Using Matthew Syed’s book “Bounce: The science of success” as a springboard, Sylvia will explore these questions while she describes her journey from non-artist to sketchnoting fanatic.

4. How to Survive Teaching (With Your Sanity Intact)

“This job is tough, but we can do it. We are educators and we were born to make a difference.” – Rita Pierson

Sylvia will talk about her journey from a first year teacher to a 32 year veteran, and the critical things she learned along the way from 5 inspirational teachers. Her tips for teaching include:

  • Develop relationships
  • Think outside the box
  • Let your students be creative
  • Grow a PLN
  • Have fun.

During this talk, be prepared to participate as Sylvia intersperses her talk with thought-provoking questions for teachers to discuss and share ideas so that we can all learn from each other.

5. Empowering the Introvert

Up to half of the population are introverts. Are we doing enough in our schools to accommodate the introverted student? What are some tips for introverts to minimize social and performance anxiety? How can you alter your body language to better manage a stressful situation? How can technology and social media help introverts express themselves in non-threatening ways? As educators, should we re-consider “Class participation” grades?  A self-confessed introvert herself, Sylvia speaks from the heart during this frank talk.

6. How to Maintain Your Passion for Teaching

Have you reached a plateau in your teaching? Are you missing the “zip” in your lesson plans? Are you in need of some concrete ideas to re-energize your class and fall in love with teaching again? Join Sylvia as she lets you in on her tips and tricks for maintaining a passion for teaching and keeping your students engaged. With more than 30 years teaching experience under her belt, Sylvia can speak with authority on this subject!

7. The Connected Educator

What is a “Connected Educator”? How do you grow your Personal Learning Network? What are some of the benefits of making global connections personally  and professionally? Sylvia will walk you through the social media tools necessary to become a Connected Educator and will help you get started on different platforms. We will also learn about the importance of teaching digital citizenship to your students to move them from responsible and safe digital citizens to empowered global digital leaders.