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Do you love Bitmojis? How about Bitmojis that talk? Follow the instructions below to learn how, and please share any videos you and your students make in the comments below!

Project: “Some Things I love”

Made on the iPad





DoInk Green Screen

iFunFace (Pro – to avoid ads)


  1. Open the Bitmoji app, create an account, and design your avatar. Make sure that you don’t choose any green clothing.
  2. Add the Bitmoji keyboard: Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard > Bitmoji
  3. There is no way to search for a Bitmoji in the app itself, so you need to use Notes. Open Notes and create a new folder called “Bitmoji”.
  4. Tap pencil icon to start a new note.
  5. Tap and hold the globe icon (bottom left hand corner of your keyboard) and scroll up to Bitmoji. Now you can search Bitmojis.
  6. Search “Love” and tap a Bitmoji for your opening shot.
  7. Paste Bitmoji on Note.
  8. Tap on the Bitmoji, then tap on share button (top right hand corner) > Save image.
  9. Find an image for the background of your first shot (Safari/Chrome > search image > press and hold > save to camera roll).
  10. Open DoInk Green screen. Tap on the bottom layer > Plus sign > Image >  Find background image on camera roll.
  11. Tap middle layer  > Plus sign > Image >  Find Bitmoji image on camera roll.
  12. Adjust Bitmoji by squeezing in and moving around.
  13. Tap “Save” (make sure it’s on IMAGE not VIDEO) > Share > Save image
  14. Open iMovie and start a new project (Movie) > Tap Create Movie > Photos > Tap Bitmoji Green Screen image you just saved on your camera roll.
  15. Turn off Ken Burns effect: Tap image on timeline > In viewer, tap “Ken Burns Enabled” > Position the Bitmoji to where you want it.
  16. Add a Title: “Some Things I love, by your name
  17. Open Notes and search for “Hi”. Choose a Bitmoji and follow steps #7 to #13 above.
  18. Open iFunFace Pro > Start > (Choose Photo) Albums > Moments > Image (choose “Hi” Bitmoji) .
  19. (Crop Image) > OK > Reverse pinch if you want to crop > Next
  20. (Create new head from which photo?) > Current image.
  21. (Identify head) > OK
  22. Put finger on head until you colour all of the head in with red.
  23. Tap “Preview” to see the head bobbing. > Next
  24. (Position Mouth) > OK > Place the blue dots on the corners of the mouth, the middle middle dot on the teeth, the bottom blue dot underneath the chin. > Preview Mouth > Next.
  25. (Place head) OK. You can make the head larger or smaller. I recommend leaving it as is. Tap Preview if you want. > Next.
  26. (Create as Image or Video?) > Record Voice > Record.
  27. After you give permission to your microphone, it will start recording right away. Say “Hi. My name is __________ and I’m from ____________ ”. Tap square to stop. Play video to see if you like it. If you want to re-record your voice, just tap the microphone again.
  28. You can change the timber of your voice by tapping the “Voice effect” icon, bottom left hand corner. Robot is the deepest, squirrel is the highest.
  29. Tap “Share” icon and save video to camera roll.
  30. Re-open iMovie and add video to your Bitmoji project.
  31. Continue in this fashion, adding more videos about the things you love. (Bitmoji keyboard > Search Bitmoji > Paste in Notes > Save on Camera Roll > Add to Doink Green Screen with background > Save image > Create iFunFace video > add to iMovie)
  32. Add music and share your video!

(Many thanks to @JoeDale for introducing me to iFunFace!)

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